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A true cuckold story, but very mild - the second part The next day we got up 91porn for breakfast and Carol turned and kissed me slowly. 'Honey, I've had such an exciting time at night - Gracies I can please my ankle, I love being a bitch for you and with you as my cuckold husband.. ' 'Yes, of course, I replied, glad to have precious time, which really turns me on when she disappeared in the room, and I do not know what was happening, but I was sure I was doing with you. ' After breakfast we head to the beach. The sun was hot and the cool sea. After an hour, her phone rang when receiving a message. She smiled as she read, and I said it was Robin. He said he had enjoyed a great time and especially playing with my tits. At first I was surprised that she had given him her number, but then I realized that I was when I felt my penis becoming increasingly difficult. ' If I text back ? Favorites that made ​​fun of me, I 'm not going to do if I want too. ' CooperationUrse was a cuckolded husband well and I can not resist teasing her made ​​me even more. 'Text him back, I said. ' The text message was back and forth all day and it was clear that my wife flirt. She received the text of George as well and it seemed that the guys had a friendly competition for attention. More than three clock saw me in the eye and said the boys wanted the night and would call when she returned. Could be fun, he said, and she smiled. ' Do you remember our conversation this week about me with my ankle, and I feel like a real bitch and I will go to your room tonight. Robin had a beautiful cock and I want you to know that there are some more. The cuckolded husband I have a job for you, I want you to go to the store and buy a couple of condoms and lubricants, because I would like for me in the ass tonight. ' ' How would you feel if I go back to your roomand said he was going to fuck me? ' ' I'd be so proud of you honey, ' I said. ' ' Proud that you are using your body to satisfy his pride and had cum deep inside of you. ' 'I know you 'll love it and I really happy. ' I went to the store to buy some condoms, it was an experience so powerful. Selection and purchase of condoms, maybe my wife a hard tail, which are doomed to riding on the ass. I went back to her, and she said, 'Thanks dear, you were a good cuck, and if I use it or not, you get to hear all the details. ' Tonight Carol began to prepare for your appointment in space. 'Now cuckold, I have to prepare for my time with George and Robin. While I do for my bathroom to undress and pose some sexy clothes for me. I want a very nasty to me, the kids tease me will be chosen. Now I'm going to shave my pussy when I was in the bathtub. I know the feeling of my bare pussy as lips, and lick between my legs. when I bathed Carol stripped me and started to select a dress for her. Of course, I was rock hard, when I selected clothing. Are the clothes that I knew that a real change 91porn in the George and Robin. Carol finally left the bathroom. She looked beautiful with her big tits and shaved pussy gushing. ' Cuckold ' said that 'we need ready to help, but first I want to lay in bed. When I lay down I could see my cock hard hitting. ' If you turn on 'that made ​​fun of him , the thought of me with these two strange men. '' Yes, my love, I'm so happy for you. 'Then she started playing with her ​​tits. 'I wonder who play with them 91porn first. Can 91porn you imagine George squeezed my tits in this way' 'Yes, yes,' he said, 'Come and suck her tits,' he said. When I gently kissed and licked her breasts, she scoffed at me saying, 'Oh, dear, I can not wait for tonight, to explore these two men sit in my body, now licking pussyYou know, I'll open my legs higher and fingers are placed deep in me. ' She moaned, as it gives me the tongue, lips felt. My cock 91porn more than open her legs to George and Robin thought cured. ' Well, you can see that I 91porn dress like I dress and I see you slowly stroking themselves, but make sure no cum ', as she gently patted my cock, while my eyes the 91porn body of carols dressed feast. slowly took off his black silk stockings and a garter lace. Then relax ona par game black see through.. Finally, the bra and panties she wore a black short dress that barely covered half tops 'How I can find love,' he said, ' Fantastic,' I replied , and with that said. 'Now you can attract. 'I do not know when or if the kids come to your text room, so I went down to the bar. I realized that Carol was very excited, and had several drinks. Finally, on November 15 clock or phone cell phone rang and it was a monthSage. 'We are at home, you still want to come see us ? ' In silence, she replied, and headed to the room. 'If we want to wait for the guy you want back in our room, only to be, and 91porn dare not stop until I return, I get to see your cock waiting for me. ' ' Well cuckld ' said ' I promise,' I replied. At the time we reached the door and boldly called Carol. George opened the door and Carol approached him and kissed him deeply on the lips. Robin and Carol came and took it. 'What have you to say ' ' Well James,' he said, 2 I hope you enjoy my wife, 'he answered calmly :' It's your 91porn night, a good man, ' laughed and hugged Robin Carol. ' and he is waiting in our room again, see you later, James. 'I went and returned to the room. When I was 91porn gradually stripped of my clothes and lay down in bed. I was very hard and the thought of my beautiful wife, and what they did with Robin and George. What I was stripping of her dress, sostood her in her 91porn stockings, panties and bra. The idea to explore your body in the hands warm feeling it gave me the Sun I imagined pulling down his shorts and suck his cock hard and then I figured it pushes slowly on all fours like Robin Cock in her ass. After a while I leave it in a light sleep. The sound of my phone ringing pulled me awake, it was 2 0 'Clock. 'Hi James,' Carol said : '... I just wanted to tell me to call you and tell you that I have a great time, George and Robin are so hot, it's amazing I'm here in bed with the two' 'Ohhh ' she moaned and laughed. 'Robin,' he said, ' You're insatiable favorite listening.. I have to go, I'll be back in the morning, O Robin wants to talk to you' When Robin got on the phone, here might whine Carol in the background: 'Oh, yes it feels so good. ' Robin said, '.. Hey James, just wanted to tell that woman is amazing, in fact, she is the hottest women I have known' 'I'm glad you like itr 91porn ' he replied. Enjoy all night,' so the phone line was dead. I lay awake for hours until I fell asleep again. Finally, 6 on the door opened and joined Carol. I was awake immediately. 'Oh darling,' he said, 'I had a good time, boys were fantastic. ' I could see were the dress, hair and face covered in cum. 'Show me your dick hard,' he ordered as 91porn he sat on the bed next to me. Slowly stroking my chest and stomach. He put my balls. The whole time I was talking about. 'You are a cuckold husband well, you want to hear what the wife has been doing dog ' ' Oh yes, please,' I gasped. 'Well, first you have to do cleaning. ' Slowly pulled her dress, and I realized I had no underwear. 'First, I want to lick the semen of my tits. ' I could taste and feel dry semen on them, and wondered 91porn if it was George or Robin. After a while he said : 'Now I'm down on my aching pussy licking and then I'll say. ' ' All I had both my legs tonight, go and get my suitcase at the door, 91porn ' he said finally. ' 'I went and gave it opened and said.. ' Cuckold, his dream is to become into reality. I've been well and truly fucked, 4 times on my ass in one night 'and 91porn she showed me four condoms filled with sperm, said 91porn these words :. ' I will not make you drink, but I want to see how much you are within the have his wife's body this afternoon. ' As I lay in bed, she broke out and pour the milk in the breast and body. It was not so much that was incredible. ' In fact, the treasure of your wife fucked hard, 'said my Carol, and you can see, good amount of semen they had for me. ' you can be there, feel how hard I can tell you what happened. '
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